London Collections: Men – Topman Design Spring / Summer 2014 Collection

Last week was the start of London Collections: Men, which featured fashion designers ranging from Paul Smith to Burberry. I’ve only recently taken the time to actually watch some of the shows online, and thought that I’d also take this opportunity to voice my own opinions on the collections presented on the 3 day event. I’m not sure how many collections I will talk about on future posts, but for now, I will start with Topman Design.

Definitely rockin’ the stash.

To say the least, I definitely thought the clothes they showed were interesting. For this collection, I would describe it as being very western cowboys inspired. On first look, it really reminded of old shirts that my dad used to have (and still do!) with the embroidered patterns on the top front and back.  (Pictured on the left). I was never particularly a fan of this style, but I did think that Topman did a nice job in trying to modernize the look and making it “current” again.

However, it was a bit disheartening seeing little variations within the collection. They only showcased a small selection of clothes, which all seemed quite similar to me. It was the same 2 kinds of floral pattern that was printed on more than 3/4 of the outfits. To be honest, it would be a real hit-and-miss for a lot of people. Chances are, if you didn’t like one outfit, you won’t like the majority – they were just that similar.

The same could be said about the pants. To be honest, it looked like the style of pants had been used on all the models. It was not really a style that I myself am a particular fan of – I prefer pants that are much more fitting. The Topman design were really too wide and baggy for my taste. In my opinion, it isn’t really flattering to wear. A confession though – it did start growing on me by the end of the show (although I might have just gotten used to seeing it on every. single. model.)

In saying all that though, there were still a few particular standouts that I really liked, and wouldn’t mind seeing on my wardrobe!

 The first of which is this (pictured on the left). It’s definitely a happy medium between the incorporation of the floral-western pattern onto the modern trends. I am definitely much more simple in my taste of clothes, and I think that this minimal pattern on the jumper is just a perfect way to make a standard jumper just a little more interesting. I just like the whole look (especially the glasses) This is one of the outfits I definitely would not mind getting my hands on!

The second outfit I really like was this outfit consisting of a long sleeve shirt with a sleeveless jack on top, as well as black baggy pants and shoes. I think everything works quite well here (although I might ditch the pants for something much slimmer). What I really like is just the added touch of pattern along the sleeve of the shirt. It’s a  great combination once you wear that jacket on top. Again, not too bold, but not too simple either.

Anyway, that’s my thoughts on Topman Designs’  Spring / Summer 2014 Collection. Overall, it wasn’t really my cup of tea, and it was definitely a surprise to see. I did like a couple of stuff out of the collection, so it wasn’t all that bad.

If you would like to see the show as well, here is a video courtesy of Ian Hung – check his youtube channel for more London Collections: Men for more videos on the other designers.

I would love to hear your thoughts on the collection, so comment below! I will talk about Burberry’s collection for the next blog post – and maybe more (I shall see how it goes).

– Josh


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