London Collections: Men – Burberry Prorsum Spring / Summer 2014 Collection

Burberry has always been (and will forever be) one of my favorite brands. I just love their style of clothing, and think they create a perfect blend of smart-casual in their designs. They were recently on London Collections: Men, showing their new Spring / Summer 2014 Collection.

The show presented 49 different outfits, and I can honestly say that I would buy everything single one of them (providing I had the money!) I was absolutely impressed all throughout, and could really see myself wearing each and every single piece.

This was their opening piece (pictured on the right), and I think that this really let everyone know what they wanted to achieve with their S/S Collection. The color combination is genius, and I see myself referring back to the collection every now and then just to see how they paired up the colors together for inspiration. While not my absolute favorite piece, I still am really liking this whole look. I found the cut of the fabric by the neck really interesting (in a good way) – I actually really like it that was as it’s a bit more interesting to look at, and also showcases more detail of what you are wearing underneath it.

Now, I will literally be here ALL day if I talk about all the outfits that I like (as I said, it is all of them!) so I think I will focus on my top 3.

 3rd place would go to the outfit on the left. I am a big fan of blue on my clothes, and I think this is right up my alley. I love the color combinations, and is something you don’t really see everyday. That pop of light red on the tie is amazing, and I really want something like that right now.

The second outfit I have chosen was this one on the right. I think that bright red jumper is an amazing color, and could definitely see myself wearing that if I was a little bit bolder. I really like the detail on the jumper – it’s a really great pattern. What I like most is the shoes – because they are really versatile. As you can see on all 3 images on this post so far, they work on all 3 outfits and really complements each one nicely. I wouldn’t mind having shoes like that in my wardrobe!

This last piece is probably my most favorite out of the whole collection. This is definitely something I could see myself wearing. I love everything about it, especially the light scarf and the white jacket. One thing I would change would probably be the glasses. I think I would instead maybe use aviators, or just a simple rounded black framed glasses. Everything just seems so light and cool,  and  everything just complements each other. My favorite of the bunch.

And there you have it. I absolutely loved watching the show and seeing each piece come out. Unlike Topman’s show, I was blown away by each and every piece, and could see myself buying nearly all of them if I could. I was really impressed overall and might go and watch their past season collection because I am left wanting more.

I would love to know which piece was your favorite, and your overall impression so leave a comment below!

If you would like to watch the show as well, I have provided a video link below – enjoy!



  1. I am loving the one with the blue blazer. I could definitely see myself wearing this.
    The fresh cut, the smart look and the mix of light blue and the green really compliment each other.
    Great choices :)!

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