Alberto VO5 Extreme Style Matt Clay Review

Alberto VO5 products are known for their cheap but effective products, which make it very appealing to a wide range of consumers. I myself have been extremely impressed with each and every VO5 product I’ve used so they do work! Here I am today reviewing VO5 Extreme Style Matt Clay – an all time favorite hair product of mine that creates a textured, matt finish look.

What I love about this product is that it is very easy to style with. You only need a little amount, and it does absolute wonders. When I use it, the product never goes “clumpy” or hard in my hair which means that I can easily use it to produce any hairstyle I want to achieve (within reason of course!) This also means that I can easily fix / touch my hair throughout the day and it will still hold, without the need for hairspray.


To my knowledge, the product only comes in one size, which is in a 75 ml tin. I think this is a perfect size / amount – not too big, but not too small either. 75 ml is a lot, and will definitely last you for a very long time as you only need a tiny amount. I am pretty sure that my last tin lasted me about 4-5 months before I had to buy a new one.

You’ll be glad to know that the product is not greasy either! As I’ve said earlier, I could touch my hair multiple times throughout the day and it would not feel greasy at all. Instead, it would feel very, very smooth – almost as if I did not use any product at all. The use of the product produces a very matt finish, so if you like that kind of look, definitely think about purchasing this.

What I truly love about this product is its hold. I know I’ve mentioned this earlier but I just want to re-iterate it. I would style my hair up in a quiff, and it would just last all throughout the day without the need to reapply. This is what really impressed me, especially since my hair still felt so smooth and not greasy. I really was amazed, and is the main reason why I still use this product to this day.

My only slight nitpick would probably be the smell. It is a very…interesting…smell to say the least. I honestly have no idea how to describe the scent to you, because I have never smelled anything like it before! I know I’m making it sound like it’s such a horrid smell, but it really isn’t! It’s not an amazing smell either though. If anyone has smelled / tried this product below, please comment below and describe the smell, as I honestly have no clue!  However, this is only a small negative, and honestly does not bother me at all since you can hardly smell it.

mc-01Overall, I absolutely love this product, and I think  will appear to a majority of men out there, especially if you are looking for a  textured and matt finish. It has very impressive hold, all the while keeping your hair smooth and non-greasy. I would suggest to maybe smell the product before you go out and buy it just in case it will bother you. Otherwise, I wholeheartedly recommend this product if you are looking for a new hair product. It is unbelievably cheap too, and you can find it in most (if not all) supermarkets.

I would love to know your thoughts on the product, so feel free to comment below about your own opinions / experience about Alberto VO5 Extreme Style Matt Clay!



  1. Sounds like a good find and a very in depth review! Love it. I’ll point you in the direction of Hairbond, a brand, that I think after reading this, you will love. My personal favourite is distorter but also look at the new, lighter, hair toffee. Thom.

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