Spicebomb by Viktor&Rolf Fragrance Review

Viktor&Rolf makes a comeback on the men’s fragrance scene with Spicebomb, a male equivalent to V&R’s widely successful women’s fragrance line called Flowerbomb.

Spicebomb by Viktor&Rolf has definitely got to be my most favorite fragrance. I absolutely love everything about it, and perfectly hits all 3 main points I look for in a fragrance, which is longevity, sillage and smell.


To use the fragrance, you must pull on the “safety pin” which is in the shape of the V&R logo.

But first, we should start with the packaging, something which is particularly important to note with this fragrance. Spicebomb’s bottle is shaped like a hand grenade, and to use it, you must take off the safety pin (which is in the shape of the Viktor&Rolf logo) as you would with an actual grenade. I really love the design of it all, and I think it was a fitting choice that goes with the fragrance name. It isn’t at all tacky or of poor quality as it might show on advertising / promotional images – the entire bottle is encased in solid heavy glass and definitely looks expensive / luxurious. Overall, I really am in love with the whole design of the bottle!


So enough about that – what does Spicebomb actually smell like? I am absolutely atrocious when it comes to describing smell (or basically anything really) but I’ll try my best. Personally for me, I would describe the scent as being warm and spicy – absolutely perfect for a winter’s night. Many people have said it smells like cinnamon too. Don’t be scared though, while it does smell like spices, you don’t actually smell like tandoori or butter chicken so don’t worry! Spicebomb’s main notes include cinnamon, tobacco and leather – very much a classic male scent which I really like. For a much more detailed description of its notes or a description of what it smells like, head on over to Fragrantica which does a much better job than I do when describing scents!

In terms of longevity, Spicebomb is very long lasting. I think I get about 6-7 hours of it, which is very good for me personally as I usually only get about 3-4 hours with the other fragrances I’ve tried. Typically though, it seems that Spicebomb is generally very long lasting for most people, lasting about 7-12 hours. It all depends on your skin chemistry, so try it before you buy! Overall though, Spicebomb has much better longevity than most fragrances.


The same can be said about Spicebomb’s sillage, which is really impressive as well. One of my friends said that she could smell my fragrance from about 20 meters away on the way to meet me! What’s great about Spicebomb is that the scent is not overpowering at all (unless of course you overapply) so even though it has great sillage, it isn’t too heavy for surrounding bystander but just enough to give a great lingering smell. Again, I was really impressed as previous fragrances I’ve tried essentially had no sillage at all – you literally had to be half a meter close to me to actually smell the fragrance!

One slight negative about Spicebomb is its ridiculous price of about $90 NZD for the 50 ml bottle, and about $120 NZD for the 90 ml.  It really is outrageous but for me personally, I think it is definitely worth the money spent. Of course, I would definitely suggest to maybe ask for a sample first so you can see how it goes with your skin (or just test it if you can’t get a sample). As I have said, fragrances differ between each person, as we all have different skin chemistry! What might happen for me in terms of smell / longevity / sillage might not mean you are guaranteed to have the same results.

Overall I do truly love this fragrance, and I wear it every single day. If you are looking for a warm spicy fragrance with excellent sillage and longevity, I would truly recommend this product for you. Nevertheless, I do still recommend it for everyone else – even just to have a smell! It’s an amazing fragrance by Viktor&Rolf and well worth the price in my opinion.


Anyway, enough ranting from me! I hope this review helped you in some way. I would love to hear your own thoughts about Spicebomb in the comment section below, or even what your favorite fragrances are! I am always on the lookout for some more to try!

– Josh


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