Bulldog Skincare For Men – Original Face Wash Review

I have heard nothing but great things about how great the Bulldog skincare range was. Having tried Bulldog’s Original Face Wash, I have to say that this is now one of my all time favorite products, and probably the best face wash I have used.


If you are not familiar with Bulldog, it is a skincare range that is entirely dedicated to men. It’s based in the UK, and really prides itself in using natural ingredients in all its products, and none of that nasty stuff that you find in other grooming products. I’ve used two of their products so far – Bulldog’s Original Face Wash, and Bulldog’s Original Moisturizer (product review coming next!).


All Bulldog products essentially come in the same type / style of packaging. It’s very clean and simple, and in a way reinforces their whole natural image. I really love the packaging and style – especially their logo! I mean have you seen that bulldog? It’s bad-ass.


What I really like about this is that it is very natural. The face wash (and all other Bulldog products)  is said to contain 8 essential oils and green tea which is beneficial for your skin. You can find out what they are (as well as a list of all other ingredients) here. There are no artificial colors or synthetic ingredients such as parabens which can be really bad for you.


The product itself has a very thick consistency, and you only really need a small amount. Once you mix it with a little bit of water, it does not foam up like most other products – a very good sign as it means that it is gentle cleansing. It feels really good when you put in on your skin, and is quite cooling. The smell is very fresh, and I would describe it as smelling a little like lime. While the scent is “citrusy”, I can assure you the smell is still very masculine and isn’t overpowering like you might imagine.


The best thing about it all? It’s insanely cheap (especially if you live in the UK!). This product (and the whole Bulldog brand) really demonstrates how you don’t need to fork out a lot of cash in order to get really good products. It’s actually ridiculous how cheap this product is considering how amazing it is.

Bulldog’s Original Face Wash should be available in most supermarkets, but if not, you can get it online. I recommend buying it over at FeelUnique, as they over free shipping! (They also offer the entire Bulldog skincare range there).

That’s all for me now. I’d love to hear your own thoughts and experiences with the Bulldog products down the comments section below. 


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