Herein lies the obligatory “Welcome to my site” first post entry.

But welcome! You might be wondering what Man of Revolution is all about. It’s simple really.

I’ve searched long and hard for a complete guide to men’s fashion, and I’ve only a seen a couple that really piqued my interest. This is disheartening, considering that there are people like me that just want to learn more about how to style themselves properly and can’t find any help online!

And ladies and gentlemen, that is my aim. To create a community that focuses solely on men’s fashion, lifestyle and grooming – organised in a way that is clear, presentable and easy to find.

But who am I?

I am no fashion expert. I am simply your “Average Joe” that wants to help out people find a guide to men’s fashion. I am simply a novice when it comes to fashion, perhaps like most of you out there as well. But I am willing to learn more, and to share my knowledge in the hopes that you might learn a thing or two – or that I might learn from you as well.

If you want to learn more about me, head on over to my Get to Know Me page.

I hope to see more of you soon!

– Josh